Personal Development – Why Network Marketing Professionals Need (Personal Development)

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5 Best Glutes Workout Moves to Bigger Glutes (Video Demo)


If bigger glutes is what you want and I mean a rounded, toned, sculpted booty then these 5 glutes workout moves is exactly what you need in your life. 

Glute Strengthening Exercises


I'd recommend starting with 2 sets of 20 and as you get stronger move up to 3 sets of 20-25.  Take two days off in-between your glutes workout as like any muscle, recovery time is needed.


Glutes Workout Move #1:  Curtsy Lunge


How to perform curtsy lunges:  

  1. Stand tall with your feet flat and facing forward, hip-width apart
  2. Keep all of your weight on the...
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Attraction Marketing - The Attraction Marketing Formula to Get Leads on Facebook and Instagram




Attraction Marketing to Draw In Ideal Clients and Leads


Attraction marketing works to draw in ideal clients, prospects, possibly even business partners. And with the social media platforms that we have today, we can use those platforms to actually draw in those people through our content and our messaging and that's what we're going to be covering today. And this actually works in any industry, no matter what it is that you have for a product or service.


Attraction Marketing Works For Any Product or Service You're Marketing



So if you're in network...

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35 Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

Are Smoothies Good for Weight Loss?

I'm giving you THE BEST 35 Smoothie Recipes for weight loss.  They literally taste amazing!  

The most common question I get "are smoothies good for weight loss?"  Legit question, you wouldn't want to start blending smoothies daily if it's going to add inches to your waistline vs. helping you lose unwanted weight. 

When done right, smoothies can help with weight loss.  In fact, it typically does result in weight loss just due to the fact it's replacing missed meals.

When someone consults with me for nutrition help, one of...

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27 Wealth Affirmations to Increase Self Worth

27 Wealth Affirmations to Increase Self Worth

There is power in affirming thoughts.  Especially with using wealth affirmations to increase self worth.  We were born worthy.  Influences we've experienced since that time may have affected our perception of our worthiness.  

Our families may have thought you have to work hard for money, so you get addicted to thinking work has to be hard. They may have told you that your safety is with a job and you should get a degree and get a responsible job.  The limitation with that is that when you trade time for money, you...

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The Truth About Diet Plans

The Truth About Diet Plans

No one and I mean no one loves to be on a diet.  Why?  Participating in most diet plans sounds so restrictive.

What sounds better to you?  Diet plan or healthy lifestyle?

I don't have to ask your answer because I already know.  And the odds are if you're reading this and are like 95% of the population (including me), you've tried a number of diet plans that you were on temporarily and gained weight back.  Leaving you discouraged and feeling like there's no hope.

By the end of this post you'll have a better understanding of why the...

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Attraction Marketing Formula

The Attraction Marketing Formula 

If you're reading this there's a good chance you accidentally became an entrepreneur. You fell in love with a product and now you want to attract others to you that will love it as much as you do. How? The answer lies in the attraction marketing formula.


What Is The Attraction Marketing Formula?


Unlike traditional marketing aka pestering your warm market family and friends, attraction marketing enables you to fully identify whom you want to attract, put your message in front of them, and build a closer...

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