Kajabi Review: My Honest Experience

Have you thought about using an all-in-one marketing solution for your business? 

I'll share my Kajabi Review, the good and the bad and anything you might need to consider before switching to the platform or using it as you initially start your business online.

Here's a quick link to what we will cover in this review.  If you click the link, it will forward to that section of the blog post:

  1. What is Kajabi?
  2. My Kajabi Review
  3. The Most Time Saving Parts of Kajabi
  4. What Kajabi Has Done For My Business
  5. Kajabi App
  6. Kajabi Pricing
  7. The Only Kajabi Frustration
  8. Other Marketing Geniuses Who Use Kajabi
  9. Why I Recommend Kajabi to My Clients Even If They Have An Established Business


What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all in one website and marketing solution.  You can host your blog, online courses, membership site, sales funnels, sales and leadpages all in one place.

Typically my clients moving to Kajabi have between 5-7 other platforms they are spreading their business across to accomplish the same thing. 

With spreading your business over multiple platforms, it can get costly as well as time consuming to maintain all of the moving parts.

For example, one client that I assisted with a move to Kajabi, had her business spread over 5 platforms:

Kartra - to host the content delivery and membership area of the online course delivery.

Active Campaign - to have the email list and marketing sequences (still had it despite moving to Kartra)

Clickfunnels - to host the sales pages and initiate the sales funnel (she had 78 funnels built by the way)!

Vimeo - to host the video content for sales pages

Wordpress - for the blog and website

We will get more into Kajabi Pricing in a moment but my client had been spending over $1,000 per month on all of these services individually with the size of the email list she had, which was over 15,000 leads.


My Kajabi Review

Honestly, I'm a fan of Kajabi as it transformed my business.  My efforts in entrepreneurship are all under one roof of the proverbial house of my business.  I had been one of those entrepreneurs that were spread out over multiple platforms as well.  At different times in my business I tried all of these things:

After all of my websites got hacked from the host when I was hosting the Wordpress sites on Bluehost, I had to move my business to a site that was 'bulletproof.'  

To me that meant that hackers couldn't get in and that my content and clients were protected.

After the move, I was surprised on how much time I gained back in my day because all of my efforts were being focused in one place. 


The Most Time Saving Parts of Kajabi

Where I noticed the most time gained in my business was building out the funnels and long-term nurture sequences for email follow-up.

I also gained a lot of time by building out the delivery of my courses and the 'after-purchase logic' for the content delivery.

The courses look beautiful as well, they actually look like an online training academy.  Here's the back end of one of my courses, Authentic Selling:  How to Sell to Anyone Using NLP - just so you can see the functionality of it:


Each Module has it's own category depending on how you program it in.  It enables the clients to click 'mark as complete' within the module and show their progress of completion.  

Since human nature wants to finish things, I believe subconsciously it's encouraging the user to finish the program.


What Kajabi Has Done For My Business

The features of Kajabi that I've used the most:

  1. Online Learning Academy - I've been able to host my courses on Kajabi and have them look professional.  People purchasing my digital and online programs can view a sales page, go to the checkout, make a user login, and get a confirmation email all within one platform.
  2. Email automation - I've been able to have broadcasts go out each time I publish the podcast as well as create long-term nurture sequences for consistency.  And the great part is that the insights are within the one platform.  I can view the open rates, and use smart logic action triggers Kajabi has set up
  3. Action Triggers - Within Kajabi, they have action triggers and logic that makes sense.  Have you ever purchased a product from a marketer and still gotten pitched on the email sequence after?  It's annoying and it makes you feel like "don't they know I already bought it?"  To avoid your clients feeling that disconnect, Kajabi has set up tags to unsubscribe someone from an email sequence based upon their action, like they accepted an offer and purchased a program.
  4. Everything In One Place - Literally everything that I need to do in my business is under one roof, my marketing home is living on Kajabi's platform.  So if I need to do a blog post, develop a sales page, make a new course, or email my list...it's all here.  I can't quantify the time saved by not having to switch between platforms for all of those functions, but when time is money, it really ads up.


Kajabi App

Recently Kajabi added an app for course creators.  This means that your online business can offer your clients and customers an app to learn on WITHOUT you having to hire a developer to create your own branded app.

This increases the value of your courses greatly because your clients will think you have your own mobile app for their online learning needs.  In your Kajabi course welcome module you can make it part of the instructions to download the Kajabi app, or even add it to the welcome email sequence of the course delivery.


Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi gives you a 14-Day free trial so you can try before you commit.  The Kajabi Pricing is great if you consider what you would be spending with a multitude of other platforms.

Like I mentioned earlier, my client had been spending about $1,000 per month on all of the other services.  I'll break that down below: 

 You can get your 14-Day Free Trial here.


The Only Kajabi Frustration

If you know me, I'm going to tell you the good and the bad and not sugar coat anything.  I said I'd give you an honest Kajabi review.

The two things I did get frustrated about when I've been designing my site or sites for my clients is this:

  • The Sales Pages:  When designing the sales pages we are limited to what Kajabi's themes are.   And honestly, they could use to update them to convert better.  Unlike Clickfunnels that are set up for high-conversions of sales, Kajabi has some basic sales pages that look like general landing pages. 

As I've gotten more experienced on the platform though I have been able to design better pages that look clean and offer value.  Going back to my earlier example, I'll show you how my design ended up looking for my landing page for my Authentic Selling Course.

  • Fonts:  The fonts that are built in Kajabi are limited to the ones they have on the platform.  This created an issue with the clients that wanted a vast difference in the looks of their site.  On client wanted edgy and masculine and the next client wanted girly, cursive fonts.  One work-around of this issue is you can upload Google Fonts to the back-end of Kajabi.  When doing this, it opens up a whole different palate of options to fonts.  



Other Marketing Geniuses That Use Kajabi

There's a few other marketing experts that I follow (not stalking, pinky swear) that use Kajabi as their all-in-one Marketing solution.

  1. Angie Lee - I actually took her Niche Class, which was super helpful on getting hyper-clear on who my messaging was to!
  2. Chalene Johnson - I've taken her Marketing Impact Academy course - it's a beast of a course because it covers all the way from starting an online business to finish.  Her courses were hosted all using Kajabi.
  3. Brendon Burchard - Never taken one of his classes but was blessed to see him speak as a Keynote Speaker at a conference I went to.


Why I Recommend Kajabi to My Clients Even If They Have An Established Business 

I typically recommend my clients move their business to Kajabi as I'm a 'longer game' type of thinker.  No matter where they are in their business, it will save them time and money over the long-haul.  

If they are spending $800-$1,000 per month on all the other platforms combined and they now want to offer digital courses or a membership site, then Kajabi is the way to go.

We typically set up a new website or transfer over what they've had in the past from Wordpress.  Then we go about making their online training academy where they create high quality digital courses using Kajabi.

In the long run, hosting your marketing funnels, email list, courses, sales pages, and blog in one place will save time and money.  And once you get going on the platform then you can set it up to convert sales higher, email open rate optimization, and scaling the business to six-figures and beyond.

That pretty much sums it up, please feel free to share this post!  And if you want to try the platform yourself, here's the link to the 14-Day free trial.

Always in your corner,

P.s. Don't forget to get your free toolkit, it's perfect for entrepreneurs, coaches, and marketers.


This post contains affiliate links as I adore referring quality business tools.  Without cost to you I'd receive a commission if you go with the service.  You can read the full affiliate disclaimer for the site here.

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