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AUTHENTIC SELLING: How to Sell to Anyone Using NLP








What We Cover

Workshop 1:  Selling the Transformation

What if you could quickly and confidently speak about what you do in a way that people want to hear more?  You'll get hyper-focused on who your ideal client is and how to magnetize them in.

Value: $ 497

Workshop 2:  Selling Vs. Attracting

How would it feel if you went into every sales conversation feeling authentic rather than salesy to share your product, service, or opportunity?

Value: $ 497

Workshop 3:  Overcome Every Single Objection

In Module 3, we cover how to overcome every single objection using Neurolinguistics Programming techniques and how to understand your prospect at a much deeper level.

Value: $ 497

Workbooks for Each Module

How would it feel if you went into every sales conversation feeling authentic rather than salesy to share your product, service, or opportunity?

Value: $ 197

Get Access To Exclusive Bonuses

Here are four amazing bonuses you get for free if you sign up today!

BONUS 1:  Video Training

Social Media Influencer Case Study

Take a tour through social media with Lisa.  She will show you what's working, what's not working and how to develop your own authentic voice online.  You'll learn to 'listen' to the voice of your ideal clients so you can craft messages that speak to them directly so they flock to your business.

Value: $ 297

BONUS 2:  Video Training

Elevator Pitch and Networking

Michael will show you exactly what to say in the 30-seconds that someone asks "what do you do?"  You typically have one chance to make a first impression.  He will show you how to have confidence networking with anyone.  He will also cover how to draw in your potential ideal client and invite them into your inbox as a lead.

Value: $ 418

BONUS 3:  Video Training

Overcome Any Objection

Anna will cover with you how to use the principles of NLP to restructure any objection.  Instead of becoming defensive to future clients, you'll be able to ask them introspective questions to help them pre-qualify themselves for your offer.  This works for any offer or any service.  You'll never not know how to handle "I don't have the money" or "I don't have the time..." objections again!

Value: $ 297

BONUS 4:  Video Training

Lisa's Network Marketing Team Training

Go behind the scenes and find out exactly what to say to have your prospects want to join your 16-Week challenge or have a retention rate of 92% that Lisa had.  She will cover exactly what to say to pre-frame loyalty and consistency in the clients mind.

Value: $ 297

Total Value: $2,997

Workshop 1: Selling the Transformation  (Valued At $497)

Workshop 2: Selling Vs. Attracting (Valued At $497)

Workshop 3: Overcome Every Single Objection (Valued At $497)

Workbooks for Each Module (Valued At $197)

BONUS: Social Media Influencer Case Study (Valued At $297)

BONUS: Elevator Pitch and Networking (Valued At $418)

BONUS: NLP Objection Training with Anna (Valued At $297)

BONUS: Lisa's NLP Team Training (Valued At $297)


Introductory Offer: $97

Meet Your Certified Master Practitioners

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnosis

Lisa Jill Rooney

Lisa's superpower is releasing limiting beliefs and decisions holding you back from playing full-out.  Beliefs including imposter syndrome "who am I to be..." and money scarcity limitations.  She loves helping clarify with certainty your online presence, branding, and marketing needs.

Michael Platania

Michael is a business coach who has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and is also known as the "Elevator Pitch Doctor," helping you discover your purpose and passion and empowering you to master the art of connection so you can successfully attract your ideal clients.

Anna Viettry

Anna specializes in money breakthroughs- discovering and resolving the ins and outs of what you haven’t been able to pinpoint with money- the lack of fulfillment, confidence in stewardship, and perhaps the invisible and secretive guilt or anxiety around it. She'll help you personalize it with grace, empowerment, and self-control.

What if You Had Everything Inside of You to Be Successful, But You Just Don’t Know How to Access It?

Does this SOUND Like You?

You Know Your Business Is Meant for So Much More...

  • You want to help a lot of people but selling makes you feel like a fraud, inauthentic, insecure, and uncertain.


  • You procrastinate promoting your business and have analysis paralysis which further causes you not to take action.


  • You focus on activity but not ACTION.


  • You study what other people are doing, stay in learning mode, and say YES to distractions rather than truly working on your business.


  • You get shiny object syndrome and learn without doing.

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