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Hi, I'm Lisa.  I'm your online marketing boss babe.  Your NLP Coach that will get you past the mindset ISH holding you back and will show you how to actually profit online.


“Since working with Lisa, I was able to finally be authentically me.  No more hiding, no faking.  I was truly happy, and the results were instant.  It showed up in my mind and body.”


Sarah Jung


Attend the Masterclass that teaches you how to get to consistent 10K months online.

In this new virtual course, you will master the pricing your online course and services, learn how to make recurring income all without expensive ads, and find out why right now is the best time to profit online.


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Transforming doesn't have to be lengthy to be profound.  Here's how we can get you results in the fastest time...


Transformational Breakthrough

As a Master Practitioner in NLP, Timeline therapy, and Hypnosis we would reveal the root cause of patterns that are no longer serving you.  You would be able to release them completely from a subconscious level and move towards what you truly want.  If part of you knows you are a badass but the other part resists, this is for you.

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1:1 Business Strategy Session

If you feel stuck in your business we can connect and flush out where you have time leaks, procrastination, or uncertainty.

Things myself or my team can assist with:

  • Building out your online course or moving it.
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Kajabi Website Development and Custom Sales Pages
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Online Marketing Courses

Want to know how to collapse time in learning online marketing?  How to have time freedom by automating your marketing?

Take one of the online marketing courses that will teach you how to build, grow, and scale your online business.

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The best business is a profitable one.  Learn strategies to automate & grow your marketing and income.


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Release Money Blocks for Entrepreneurs w/Brian Dixon

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