Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing: Ultimate Guide with Income Proof

Chances are, you want to make money as an affiliate marketer and are wondering if Pinterest is good for affiliate marketing, right?

The good news is yes, you can use Pinterest for affiliate marketing.

And Pinterest can become THE highest source of organic, free traffic to your affiliate offers.

The interesting news, is that it's 100% based on how you set it up for performance = results.


Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

In a nutshell you can create pins that link directly to your affiliate offer. 

So your traffic from Pinterest will be going either directly to the vendor you are partnered and affiliated with, or you can acquire the lead through your email marketing and suggest offers to your email list.

Here's how that looks:

This is one of my affiliate pins that links directly to the offer.  I've done my due diligence to attract the person that needs to see this offer and if they click through the link and make the purchase then I would make a commission.

Here's proof that affiliate marketing on Pinterest works, I know you'll be as excited as I was waking up to emails with Congrats!  You've made a commission email!

Once your new lead either clicks the link on your Pinterest pin or in your email newsletter links, they then make a buying decision.  If they choose to purchase the offer, you will get a commission $$ from the company you affiliate with.

FAQ: How to Use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing Without A Blog?

It's a great time to answer this most asked question.

If you don't have a blog or want one, you can totally still build this Pinterest sales funnel.  

In the above example, I placed pins on my Pinterest for Business account, linked directly to the affiliate offer, and made commissions.  And you can do the same.

The alternate is to create a sales funnel with a lead magnet or lead page into your email list and you'll be developing a list of hot leads that you can present multiple offers to spaced out with offering pure value to them.

Example Here:  Pinterest user finds your pin which links directly to your opt in form.

You'll notice that neither of the options above required a blog.

If writing is not your thing then you can setup either of these 2 options to start affiliate marketing on Pinterest for your business:

1.  Pin to the platform directly linking to the affiliate offer

2.  Pin to the platform linking back to an opt in page for your email list.


Actual Steps in Setting up Pinterest in Business

This is an overview of the steps.

  1. Setup A Pinterest Account you will only use for Business (not personal use)
  2. Under SETTINGS in Pinterest, you will register your account as a Business
  3. If you have a Blog or Website, you will connect Pinterest directly with the blog so you can claim your website and have RICH PINS.  Meaning, your pin will always keep your site info with the pin no matter who re-pins and shares it.  It will always link back to you.
  4. After doing SEO research on the terms related to your niche, you can update your profile description to attract your ideal clients.
  5. Set up a link to your free offer or lead magnet in your profile to build your email list.
  6. Start creating primary boards and covers for the boards that will house most of your pin content.
  7. Create pins that lead to your affiliate offers.
  8. Automate the scheduling of your pins through genius software like Tailwind.


Because of timing in a short blog post, every detail isn't here based on setting this up, however we do cover this in extensive detail in the Pinterest Profit Lab Course which shows you in video how to do every single step.


Setting up Pinterest in Business and Why It's Different 

 Your first experience with Pinterest was likely a personal Pinterest account.  

Here is where you likely pinned pins to boards you created that categorized your interests.  You may have seen outfits you like, vacations, future home ideas, recipes, etc.

You curated boards on Pinterest based on your interest.

And the platform helped you.

Pinterest learns the users preferences and suggests content to you that you actually will be interested in based on your past behaviors.  It's called an algorithm.

Other platforms that we are familiar with like Facebook and Instagram also use an algorithm but it's never really been in a great context for business.  Once it resets business users are used to working hard again to create impressions.  Pinterest is not like that.

Pinterest learns the users likes/dislikes and remembers it like a memory bank.  It then suggests other content to you that it knows you'll like as the creators want you to spend more time on the Platform.

How this is good for your business?

Pinterest will be actually suggesting your pins to those people searching for your stuff.  The user may have searched a term similar to what you are offering and Pinterest will actually present your pin to them.

That's one of the MASSIVE DIFFERENCES of Pinterest for Business.  

Pinterest is a search engine.

Pinterest is not 'just' social media.  No, Pinterest boasts the ability to be as powerful of a search engine as Google itself.

Given that Pinterest is a search engine, you can learn and use the power of Search Engine Optimization aka. SEO


Marketing on Pinterest

You might wonder why marketing on Pinterest is different than any other platform?!

Great question.

As we were just discovering a minute ago, Pinterest is a search engine.  Meaning people are going looking for something 👀 and once they find it, it can be your products and services and affiliate marketing offers.

If people go to Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, what are they typically going looking for?  That's right, entertainment or connection.

The difference of Pinterest and Allllll the other Social Media Platforms?


Yup, the average user on Pinterest is 65% more likely going to make a buying decision.  This means it is the very place you need to be presenting offers and sales.  And if you don't have your own offers, you can present affiliate offers.


FAQ:  Is Pinterest Good for Affiliate Marketing?

Now is a fantastic time to answer if Pinterest is good for affiliate marketing.  

In the last paragraph we said that the user intent of going onto Pinterest is to research and make buying decisions.

Statistics show that the user is more likely to make a buying decision there, research about it, and has show that the average income of the users on Pinterest are higher.  

So not only are they showing up with the intent to buy...they have the money to pull the trigger and make the purchase!

So, to answer the question not only is Pinterest good for affiliate marketing.  Pinterest is superior to other platforms for affiliate marketing.


Pinterest Marketing Strategies

There are several new marketing strategies that are extremely effective for connecting with your ideal clients on Pinterest.  

Going Live - Pinterest now allows creators to go live on the platform itself.  This allows you to have your own Pinterest show and following on a topic.  It's easy to become the go to expert and have thousands learn about you and your offers in a rapid time.

Idea Pins - this feature is similar to Instagram Carousel posts.  It's not just one post, you can continue to scroll through up to 20 pins in a series.  It can be a static pin or video pin or a combination of the two.

Consistently Posting - this is an obvious one for any social platform.  Followers like consistency as it builds trust.  I was horrible at being consistent until I started using Tailwind, the software that allows me to schedule months of content out at a time as well as create thousands of pins in their new feature Tailwind Create.  

Once I started posting consistently my affiliate income increased 10x.

Consistent Messaging - My pins are not just pins I'm personally interested in.  My pinning strategy has my ideal clients in mind.  I curate what they would need to get their business profitable in the soonest time possible.  Knowing this, I don't throw in other things that would distract them like pins on fitness, nutrition, investing, home decorating.  All of those things I'm interested in and I pin to a locked private board for my own enjoyment.  

Try not to clutter your feed of things you are personally interested in.  Keep your ideal clients and their goals top of mind.

Sales Funnel - If you miss the opportunity to acquire your leads on Pinterest and they only have your pins as the impression, you are missing out on gathering long-term leads for your business. 

You should unequivocally build an email list and offer something free like a lead magnet so they don't just consume your content on Pinterest and never see you again.

Building your own list of leads is like having an ATM machine in your house where you can present a great offer that they actually need and can't turn down, and you'll have sales for life as long as you nurture your leads and continue to present offers.


FAQ:  What is the Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing in Pinterest?

There actually isn't a 'best niche' on Pinterest because people are searching the platform for every single thing.  My advice would be choose a focus and stick with that.  So if travel is your niche, I would search for luxury travel to partner and affiliate with and make my graphics and videos pertaining to that.  You can do this with any niche:

  • Fitness
  • Finance
  • Clothing shops
  • Jewelry
  • Real estate
  • Life coaching
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Blogging niche
  • Memberships and online courses
  • Get out of debt niche
  • Make extra money
  • Literally anything for a topic and hyper focus on it!


Pinterest Marketing Courses

If you found this post helpful, you should check out the Pinterest Profit Lab.  Inside we cover how to setup your very own Profitable Pinterest Business Account, how to create an avalanche of organic traffic, leads, and sales from Pinterest and so much more...

Take a look now:


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