Increase In Pay

07: Increase in Pay - How to Negotiate for More with Vanessa Blasic

You may wonder how to get an increase in pay, how to negotiate for a higher salary, and how to increase your worth by believing you can ask for more.

No matter if you're working for an employer still or you are an entrepreneur working for yourself, you are always creating an exchange of value for your time.

A lot of times we get what we ask for and a lot of times we just aren't asking.  

We don't believe it's possible.

After all, that's the going rate.

But if you don't advocate for you, who else will?

Today I'm excited to bring on our guest, Vanessa Blasic.  She's an expert at helping people negotiate for more.


What We Cover In This Episode

  1. What happens when you work years and years for your career and you decide it's not what you want to do after all.
  2. What to do when you feel like going to your 'job' is like a hamster wheel.
  3. Why some closed doors are actually a blessing in disguise (and is happening FOR you).
  4. How to make a bold move and tell you're boss you're leaving
  5. How to chase fulfillment instead of what you thought you were "supposed to do."
  6. How to get over an initial "no" to your asking for more (even if you were offended).
  7. How to evaluate if the money is really worth it, if the job/or entrepreneur path you're on now is not fulfilling.
  8. How to reveal the unconscious patterns and beliefs keeping us stuck and not earning our worth and not asking for more pay.
  9. How to have someone guide you through awarenesses of your former beliefs that no longer serve you.


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Remember When You're Negotiating for More


It's not what is being said, it's what we make it mean. ~ Lisa Rooney

In other words, if someone tells you "no" the first time you are asking for a higher salary then it may just not be the right position for you, it might not be the right person to ask, or you need to have more persistence.

Don't take someone's "no" as the final answer.


About Vanessa Blasic


Career and Negotiation strategy is my passion! As a driven business owner dedicated to helping ambitious women get paid what they deserve by negotiating a higher salary so that they may achieve financial freedom.


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