27 Wealth Affirmations to Increase Self Worth

27 Wealth Affirmations to Increase Self Worth

There is power in affirming thoughts.  Especially with using wealth affirmations to increase self worth.  We were born worthy.  Influences we've experienced since that time may have affected our perception of our worthiness.  

Our families may have thought you have to work hard for money, so you get addicted to thinking work has to be hard. They may have told you that your safety is with a job and you should get a degree and get a responsible job.  The limitation with that is that when you trade time for money, you are limited to time.  Therefore you are limited in the money you can receive.

Create Wealth Awareness

Today we can choose to change the thoughts we may not even have awareness of.

Subconscious thoughts have power because they are underlying the surface and they unconsciously dictate your actions (or the lack thereof).

Say you had an opportunity to create unlimited income.  But your action steps aren't there supporting a greater income. This is likely due to an underlying low self worth condition.  The great news is that you can improve your self worth by affirming something new.

It does take work, but you are worth it!


Words of Affirmation

  1. I release limitations on the amount of money I can make.
  2. It's safe to increase.
  3. I am worthy of increase.
  4. Abundance finds me.
  5. I am a magnet for divine abundance.
  6. I accept financial miracles.
  7. It is safe for me to attract new streams of income.
  8. Financial success is mine, I accept it now.
  9. The more contribution I make, the more money flows into my life.
  10. I not only attract more money, but I keep it.
  11. The more I give value to others, the more money I make.
  12. I attract money to me and I am attracted to money.
  13. I am open and willing to receive wealth and abundance in all forms.
  14. My wealth derives from honestly helping people.
  15. I feel amazing about money and what it can do to serve my life and the lives of others.
  16. I receive wealth graciously.
  17. I am in perfect alignment to receive more wealth.
  18. Everyday I am becoming more prosperous.
  19. I am aligned with my purpose which creates abundance.
  20. Money flows to me from multiple sources.
  21. I am the master of my wealth.
  22. I am receiving more abundance.
  23. I attract lucrative circumstances.
  24. I deserve financial abundance.
  25. Money flows to me effortlessly.
  26. It is safe for me to increase my net worth.
  27. I'm so grateful I get paid so well to fulfill my purpose.

The Difference of Affirmation Vs. Afformation

An afformation is similar to an affirmation in that you are affirming something new and impressing upon the conscious mind a new thought.  

The thing with affirmations though is that when you say them there is an internal BS meter that goes off.  For example if you stated "my bills are paid and I have more wealth in the bank than I can spend" and the opposite is actually true (you're getting calls from collections) then it's harder to impress upon the mind that it's true that your bills are paid and there's more in the bank than you can spend.

Your conscious mind may fight the new statement in other words.  It's the reality of the situation that hasn't manifested yet.  If you're running into a loud BS meter in your head that says "that's not true" when you're affirming your statements, try rephrasing them as a question.  I learned this technique from Noah St. John who created afformations.  Just the same statement phrased as a question.

This bypasses the subsequent thought.  

If I asked you why the sky was blue you'd likely try to find the answer.  You'd say "Lisa, there's color spectrums and when the light exchanges..." in other words, your rational mind would search for the answer.

This works for wealth affirmations as well.  Ask "why am I so abundant, why am I so wealthy?" and it bypasses the negative chatter of "no you're not."  It's your own objection you're getting past.

Words of Afformation

  1. Why am I so abundant?
  2. Why am I so wealthy?
  3. Why am I worth being wealthy?
  4. Why do I let myself get what I really want?
  5. Why do I give myself permission to get what I want?
  6. Why is it so easy to ask for the sale?
  7. Why am I so comfortable with succeeding?
  8. I didn't see my full worth before but now I see it.
  9. Why am I worth being wealthy?
  10. Why am I worth increase in every area of my life?
  11. Why is it so easy to increase my worth?

Gratitude Prayer:  Thank you God (or insert higher power of your belief) for this abundant life with wealth, love, and amazing health!  Help me see me as you see me, worthy of blessings and multitude.


Self Worth Quotes


Daily Affirmations

In order to impress the mind with new thoughts (after all we've been thinking what we've thought for decades now), we need to make it a daily practice of affirmations.  

Making a new impression upon the subconscious takes time.

There are faster routes of changing your mindset.  The three fastest ways of more permanent change are these:

  1. EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique
  2. NLP - Neuro linguistics Programming
  3. Hypnosis

All of these methods deal with impressing upon the mind a new thought and bypassing the conscious mind.

Law of Attraction Affirmations


If you've seen The Secret, you know our thoughts become things.  

They say it in different ways "what you think about you bring about." 

If you focus on bills, you'll get more bills.  Even if you think about paying off your bills or paying of debt you'll likely attract more debt.

Focusing on the abundance is the preference.  In other words focusing on what you want more of rather than what you don't.

Daily wealth affirmations will help your thoughts change.

EFT for Increasing Self Worth

I've had great success following Margaret Lynch's Tapping for Fifty Thousand Dollars.  I'd suggest using it nightly for 30 days and see what manifests.  

EFT is an Emotional Freedom Technique used to tap the energy meridians.  

Better described by Dr. Mercola "EFT is a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years, but without the invasiveness of needles. Instead, simple tapping with the fingertips is used to input kinetic energy onto specific meridians on the head and chest while you think about your specific problem - whether it is a traumatic event, an addiction, pain, etc. -- and voice positive affirmations.(1)"


Putting the Work to the Mirror

There's something life changing about having to face yourself.

We avoid by busying ourselves.  We get ourselves ready for the day daily but few people actually look into their own eyes. If you start doing affirmations, afformations or EFT techniques the results will be so much more profound if you do the work in the mirror.  Look into your own eyes and affirm the statements above.  

Commit to doing them for a specific length of time and track it.  Your life will change.

You're worth it!

Helpful Resources

The Secret - the Book by Rhonda Byrne

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - by T. Harv Eker

The Four Year Career  

The Millionaire Network Marketer Podcast by Lisa Rooney

Attract Prospects to You - Free eBook by Lisa

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