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The Millionaire Network Marketer Episodes

Episode 1:  Improve Communication Skills Instantly and Build Your Brand with David Norrie

Where would your business be if you could effectively communicate the benefits of what you have without being salesy or pushy?

Here's how to increase your effectiveness of communicating in person and on social media....


Episode 2:  Attraction Marketing Using Facebook with Julie Burke

Attraction marketing is a technique to magnetize more leads in your mlm business, your affiliate marketing, or even digital marketing.

If you're in a business that you need more leads and sales then attraction marketing is a great long term strategy rather than chasing.

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Episode 03: Limitless leads using online video With Kate McShea

Wondering how to get limitless leads for your network marketing or mlm business? Kate McShea decided to use online video to do just that.

In less than 9 months she was able to add 937 to her business! She shares in this incredible interview!


Episode 04: Social Media Marketing Strategy for Network Marketers with Jessica Higdon

Learn the latest social media marketing strategy for recruiting more reps, attracting more leads by using Facebook and other channels.

Going at it with a marketing strategy uses your time effectively. Join me as I interview industry expert Jessica Higdon.

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Episode 05:  The Automated Sales Funnel for Network Marketing & Affiliate Marketing with Ferny Ceballos

Wonder why network marketers and affiliate marketers would need an automated sales funnel? Ferny Ceballos has been able to bring in over  11 million dollars in sales and still have time freedom because of the power of a marketing funnel.

If you're new you might ask what is a sales funnel? It's a system set up to automate the sales process, overcome sales objections, and take a cold lead through the sales stages (on autopilot).


Episode 06: Growth Mindset for Entrepreneurs Interview with Joel Brown Addicted 2 Success


growth mindset is an absolute MUST for any entrepreneur trying to expand their business. You might wonder what's required to change your mindset and typically you need an open mind and a positive mind to ensure growth, changes, and scale your business to the highest rank.

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Episode 07: Marketing Strategies for Direct Selling with John Melton


Today's marketing strategies have completely changed the game for direct selling and network marketers everywhere.  It went from hotel meetings, home parties, and prospecting every waitress to social media dominance bringing leads and prospects to you (that are already interested in what you have to offer).

Game changed.


Episode 08: Sales Prospecting Through Blogging to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

Sales prospecting can be done in literally numerous different ways but the one way that Ray Higdon excels at is through blogging.

He generates daily value that attracts leads daily for life. Sound good? Listen in how he gets it done.

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Episode 09:  Automate and Grow Your Online Business with Brent Attaway

Sales funnels are definitely the way to go if you hate hearing the word "no." You might wonder, what is a sales funnel and how would it prevent me from actually hearing the majority of the "no's" that go along with network marketing?

A sales funnel is a system you can set up to capture leads, nurture them (and qualify them), and essentially weed out the people that are or are not interested in your offer, then lead them to a call to action (get on a call with you so you can close the sale).


Episode 10: Using Meetup Groups for Leads and Recruiting with Jimmie Jayes

Want access to one billion prospects?  Meetup groups are a great source of leads for clients, prospects, and potential business builders.  Literally Meetup groups gives you leverage of recruiting 1:many.

Since Meetup was recently purchased by WeWork and the plans are to go from 35M members to 1,000,000,000 members, that means you have access to on billion prospects!

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Episode 11: Network Marketing Team Building with Rachel Jackson

If you're in network marketing, you know that duplication and team building are key components to success.  Learn how Rachel was able to create a team of 12,000 in 18 months and how you can too.


Episode 12: Marketing Strategy for Network Marketing with Vince Reed

What if you could present a webinar a week to a warmed up market and plug them into a system for duplication?  

A marketing strategy is the exact plan that could get some of your marketing business on autopilot.  Listen in while I interview THE go-to traffic guy - Vince Reed.

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Episode 13: Sales Prospecting & Network Marketing Tips with Todd Falcone


Sales prospecting is THE WAY that Todd Falcone got multiple network marketing businesses to multiple six figures.  

Listen to the entire episode to get this industry legend's network marketing tips and prospecting advice (even scripts he drops)!


Episode 14: Importance of Personal Development for Network Marketing Professionals with Jeffery Combs

Most people genuinely want to succeed in business and in life but soon discover personal blocks preventing from moving forward.  That's where the importance of personal development comes in, especially in the sales and network marketing industry.

Today Jeffery Combs and I go over why people do what they do, how they hold themselves back, stay stuck, and in overwhelm.  See if any of these habits are relatable to you and if you could breakthrough in your business by getting to the other side of habits that no longer serve you.

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Episode 15: Prospecting in Network Marketing with Tyson Zahner

Prospecting in Network Marketing is one of the primary job functions, Tyson's going to give us the details on how he was able to sponsor 1,000 people in one year!

Automating the process of prospecting and getting leads in network marketing, affiliate marketing, or even for digital marketers seems too good to be true... 

It can not only be mastered but he was able to go from zero to 1,000 sign-ups into his business in one year!


Episode 16: Law of Attraction Success Story in Business with Tony Lucero

We've all watched The Secret and heard of the Law of Attraction but what's amazing about Tony Lucero is that he was able to have his own Law of Attraction Success story.  

He was able to shed the former messages from when he was a young boy being told "you're never going to amount to anything" or "you're going to fail."  

Listen in on this episode how multi-millionaire Tony Lucero drew a line in the sand, adopted better beliefs and made his dream life come true.

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Episode 17: LinkedIn Social Media Strategies with Melanie Milletics

LinkedIn social media differs from most.  It's not like Instagram, not like Facebook, definitely not like Snapchat.  

If you're wanting to find and pursue a higher quality lead then LinkedIn is abundant with not only the people that you are looking for but the ones that are looking for you as well.


Episode 18:  Replacing A Real Estate Agent Salary with Rebecca Cafiero


Replacing a real estate agent salary or even a real estate broker paycheck might seem impossible, especially if it's over multiple six-figures.  

But there's more to life than working every weekend, working more than 10 hours per day, not having desired freedom, and ultimately feeling unfulfilled.

Let's listen in on Rebecca Cafiero's story on how she started from complete skeptic (snob as she puts it) to multiple six-figure earner in Network Marketing.

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