I'm Lisa

I wasn't always fit.

If you're looking for the girl who got it right the first time or was born fit, sorry I'm not that girl. 

But if you're looking for the girl who struggled with emotional eating, who yo-yo'd, and failed several times before studying the science of the most efficient ways of getting and staying lean...then I'm your girl.

(I turned those lessons into tools to help others past the same struggles)

I'm honest.  I'm fun-loving.  I'm happy you're here!

P.s. My Lean with Lisa system gives the tools that I've used to stay lean for 7 years!

Lisa Rooney, Certified Nutritionist

Beware of the Boss Dress

She means business in it.

I help entrepreneurs learn marketing and implement systems online to automate their business.

I truly believe in the power of residual, passive income and developing time freedom.

Although I've appreciated my career in medicine, I realized that you can't get wealthy trading time for money.  You'll always run out of one priceless commodity...time.

After studying with literally the best marketers online and investing in myself to train with the big names, I have some shortcuts to share.

  • Attraction Marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Sales Funnels & Email Marketing
  • How to Replace Your 9-5 Income