Attraction Marketing Formula – Magnetize More Ideal Clients

The Attraction Marketing Formula

If you're reading this there's a good chance you accidentally became an entrepreneur.  You fell in love with a product and now you want to attract others to you that will love it as much as you do. How? The answer lies in the attraction marketing formula.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

Unlike traditional marketing aka pestering your warm market family and friends, attraction marketing enables you to fully identify whom you want to attract, put your message in front of them, and build a closer relationship with them.

Wouldn't it feel better (less icky) to talk to people who already want what you have to sell?

What if you could magnetize your dream client or business builder so they are asking you for information instead of you chasing them?

I know, I know it sounds too good to be true...but it's been proven by professional marketers that it's 100% achievable.  I've tested out the entire system and have had great personal experience with magnetizing amazing people ('re reading this you saavy thing you)!

Magnetize More Ideal Clients

Step 1: Identify Your Ideal Client aka Ideal Avatar

Identifying your ideal client is THE most important first step.  


Do you want to attract people that aren't serious about your offer?  Or people that will tell you they're "all in" or people who are really just kicking your tires and trying to get free advice?

I'm guessing you said a resounding YES! (fingers crossed*)

I bet you want to attract a go-getter, someone so serious about their goals, they know their "why," and they've really just been waiting for you to show up with your offer.  Your offer speaks to their need.  Your offer is the answer to their prayers and you are the perfect mentor for them.  They are coachable, dependable, and have leadership qualities.  ​There's no money objection because they actually see the value in what you are offering.

If the above sounds like a dream client, it's possible to not only attract another one of her but many.  The more defined and clear your avatar (marketing term for ideal client), the greater possibility you'll magnetize her in.​

An avatar is a fictitious character that represents your ideal client

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Define Their Demographic

  • Where does she live?
  • Does she have kids?
  • Is she married?
  • What does she believe in: (Jesus, Buddha, The Law of Attraction, etc.)
  • Where does she shop?
  • Does she make purchases online?
  • What does she read?
  • What websites does she frequent?
  • Who does she "Like" on Facebook?

What Problem Can You Solve?

  • What is her goal this year?
  • What keeps her up at night worried?
  • What will she feel bad about this year if she doesn't accomplish it?
  • What emotions would make her know, like, and trust you?
  • What pain does she want to avoid (that your product could solve)?
  • What are her deepest desires?
  • What pain would she like to avoid?

Understanding your target market is easy with the 5 keys below:

Once you've identified your ideal client or your avatar, the next step is to invite her (or him) to have a closer relationship with you.

In marketing terms we call it building an email list.  

Inviting someone onto your email list (keep reading if you don't have one, I've got you and will show you how) is like someone inviting you into their house for the first time.  Once you get your ideal clients attention, invite them onto your email list, then you get the opportunity to build a closer relationship with them.

Any type of service requires marketing and selling (no matter if you just call it sharing).  And in order for someone to buy from you they have to know, like, and trust you.

Inviting someone onto your email list is like someone inviting you into their house for the first time. ~ Lisa Rooney

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Build An Email Marketing List

Why build an email marketing list anyway?

It's a rare occasion that someone will see your amazing Facebook post or Instagram or Snapchat...(fill in the blanks on the latest social media tool) and reach out and buy your product.

Not to mention there are thousands and thousands of other sales professionals just like you.  They are selling the exact same thing as you.  What makes someone purchase from you?  


You are the secret sauce of your business.  All day long, it's you.

Your ideal client needs the chance to get to know you enough to trust you with their results.  Whatever it is your selling.  They need the opportunity to say "without a shadow of a doubt, you can get me there."

And since most of us are in a relationship marketing business, we need a tool like an email marketing list to develop a closer relationship.

Now you have to consider a couple of things:

If you don't currently have an email marketing service, Aweber has a free trial and is pretty user friendly for the non-techie person.  I used Aweber for a period of time but recently switched to GetResponse.  They also have a free trial period and I switched because I'm a visual person.  I prefer to see the campaigns from a visual perspective on a chart or graph layout. Both are great services.

Build A Know, Like, and Trust Factor With Your Ideal Client

You might wonder (online and offline) how do I create more trust with potential clients?

It's easy.  Let me ask you a question:

What would make you trust someone enough to buy from them?

If I were to answer that same question, I would say something like:

  • If you were consistent at your message
  • If you had the results (or were getting the results) I wanted
  • If you did exactly what you said you would
  • If you didn't push me to a decision (which would make me feel anxious), but you educated me in a way that I understood the benefits of what you offered
  • If you asked the right clarifying questions to me and understood why it is I was looking for a solution to a problem
  • If you understood my problem fully
  • If you spoke to my pain points and gave me that "I understand your pain" feeling.

One thing that will help your relationship with your ideal client is to continue offering them value and life changing advice.  

You might feel "who am I to be an expert?"

It's common that entrepreneurs struggle with this insecurity however, you have to consider that you can become an expert at a topic just by reading 3 books on the subject.  

"According to a study by a publishing firm called The Jenkins Group, 42% of adults never even read one book after graduating college! If you read three books on a topic, apply what you have learned, summarize your findings, and teach your new knowledge to others (by writing or speaking), you will know more about that topic than more than 99% of the population, classifying you as a true expert."​ (1)

​By using your email marketing autoresponder, maintaining a relationship just became easy for 1:many people you'll acquire on your list.  

Autoresponders allow you to write your message once.  Write it like you would to your ideal client.  Then send it as an automated sequence to the many people that opt in for your amazing content.​

Trust Must Be Created Before A Sale Can Ever Happen

Crafting the Perfect Lead Magnet

  • ​Always sell
  • Only email them when you want to sell them something
  • Halfheartedly throw an email together 
  • Spam people (breaks trust)
  • Sell or share the names on your email list to a vendor (breaks trust big time).
  • Ask for the sale too soon
  • Never talk to them again if they say "no" to your offers
Email Marketing

Creating A Residual Stream of Leads and Sales

Creating  a fully functional marketing funnel is a lot of work but if it created a steady stream of leads and sales for life, would you think it was worth it?

Right now your marketing might be in your warm market.  It might be only 1:1 conversations.

But the potential exists to have 1:many conversations daily building stronger relationships and creating a steady stream of your ideal clients.

The Big Takeaway

By setting up an automated sales funnel, your business could run on autopilot.

No more searching for the next lead or having your warm market turn down your offer.  No more hearing so many "no's" or objections.

Your automated system can filter your prospects for you so the time you do actually spend talking to a prospect is a highly qualified sale.​

Resources Mentioned

Email Autoresponders:  Aweber or GetResponse

Attraction Marketing Bootcamp (Free)

Attraction Marketing Formula (the same course I learned from)


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