Limitless Leads Using Online Video With Kate McShea


Wondering how to get limitless leads for your network marketing or mlm business? Kate McShea decided to use online video to do just that.

In less than 9 months she was able to add 937 to her business! She shares in this incredible interview!


What We Cover

  • The video formula that brought in leads on autopilot
  • What to do if you're petrified of getting on a sales call
  • How to become completely authentic with leads and sales
  • What tool to use on sales calls for the show and tell component
  • What platform would Kate use for paid ads if she had it to do over again?
  • How to launch a new product even if you don't have a bigger following yet
  • Kate's Launch System

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Actionable Advice:  Kate's Limitless Leads Video Formula

  1. Know your offer prior to hitting record (where are you sending them next)
  2. Introduction of video or Interruption
  3. Telling viewer what to expect on your video (has to be about them)
  4. Call to action in beginning
  5. Provide value (1-3 tips)
  6. Address a problem or there's more steps they need
  7. Next call to action
  8. Let them know what will happen when they do call to action
  9. Ask a question to create engagement: 'what do you think is?' or 'what do you think about'.

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

1. How to Implement

  • How to go from the perpetual conference goer who doesn't get results when they return home to being the person who has crazy implementation.

2. 90-Days of Action

  • The only 90 day action plan you need - how to effectively map it out.

3. Attract Loyal Fans and Leads

  • What 3 superpowers gravitate loyal fans and attracts them to you.
  • How to get your content topics (and never run out).

About Kate

Kate and her husband Andrew were ready to throw in the towel in 2013. They had been in the network marketing and affiliate marketing businesses for a year with no results.

From the moment of deciding to make her online business an actual profession, they were able to achieve these results in just 12 months:

Just 12 short months later in June of 2014:

• We generated over 30,031 leads leveraging video marketing and social media.

• Signed up over 937 members into our home business in less than 9 months on complete autopilot.

• Became the Top Affiliates in Total Leads and Sales for our company

• Went from ZERO to earning a Multiple 6 Figure Income in less than 15 months

• Placed in the Top 4 of some of the most competitive affiliate contests with our online marketing tricks

We went from front row at the No Excuses Summit in 2013 to being asked to speak at the No Excuses Summit 2014 on the topic of video marketing. We’ now sought after speakers and trainers on the topic of online lead generation, video marketing and closing autopilot sales.

Since that time Kate and her husband have gone on to build a 7-figure income online.  Visit Kate here on her website.


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“We’ve learned that diving in feet first was the best way for us to find success.”

— Kate McShea


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