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Sales funnels are definitely the way to go if you hate hearing the word "no." You might wonder, what is a sales funnel and how would it prevent me from actually hearing the majority of the "no's" that go along with network marketing?

A sales funnel is a system you can set up to capture leads, nurture them (and qualify them), and essentially weed out the people that are or are not interested in your offer, then lead them to a call to action (get on a call with you so you can close the sale).

You might be wondering "how do I get more leads and sales on autopilot?" This is the episode for you to not only listen to but have massive implementation of.

3 Steps to Increase Income and Profits:

  • 1. Get Leads

    2.  Qualify those leads

    3.  Close sales

    You'll learn how to put your presentation through a webinar or web class format and present on autopilot.

    Don't miss the actual funnel creation Brent gives us his wife's recent transformation tour funnel (around 33:00 mark on the video below).

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Actionable Advice:

  1. Start with the End In Mind - Define the Outcome you want with at the end of the funnel.
  2. Put a system in place to qualify the leads for either time or money
  3. Have a lead magnet to address a concern of your prospect and help them get to know you
  4. Create a webinar or instant video to present your offer or opportunity
  5. Personalize your presentation (not just corporate feel)
  6. Have a call to action at the end of the webinar or presentation with the next step for your prospect to take.

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

1. Long-Term Vision

  • Having the longer term vision of creating content for leads for years to come
  • How to be committed to the long-term

2. Presenting 1:Many

  • How to go from Presenting 1:1 to 1:Many
  • The 2 Ways You Can Qualify Leads for Your Time
  • How to Tell  if People Are Serious About Your Offer Prior to Speaking to Them

3. Branding Yourself

  • Importance of building your own brand
  • What a lead magnet does

About Brent Attaway

Brent and has team have created over 800 sales funnels for coaches and experts.  He's worked with some of the best marketers in the industry to automate and grow their businesses.

Brent understands coaches and entrepreneurs truly want time freedom.

The automated sales funnels help create time freedom by reducing the work hours from 60+ hours per week down to 15-20 hours per week.


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“You Can Go Knock Doors for Leads or You Can Open It Up To Online and Let the Leads Come to You and Qualify Them.”

— Brent Attaway


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