Attraction Marketing Using Facebook with Julie Burke 


Attraction marketing is a technique to magnetize more leads in your mlm business, your affiliate marketing, or even digital marketing.

If you're in a business that you need more leads and sales then attraction marketing is a great long term strategy rather than chasing.

Julie Burke has figured out how to do exactly that, use the leverage of attracting her ideal business partners and clients to her multi level marketing business.

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About Julie Burke

I started dabbling in direct sales to make extra income and meet other like-minded women, but even working part time, my drive to succeed began to pull me away from my family. I had to go back to the drawing board - there had to be another way. All the options I found had me working on someone else's schedule, and nothing seemed to fit.


That's when I discovered the world of Network Marketing.

After years of searching for an ideal solution to my work/life balance problem, I was ready to give up. Then four years ago, I met a woman who introduced me to a company that promoted the exact lifestyle I had been craving.

I was finally encouraged to create my own schedule, leverage my work time with family time, and create a healthy side income. I jumped at the opportunity to build a business and love my life, seeing for the first time a light at the end of the tunnel that spelled out 2 words: TOTAL freedom.

Now I know the true meaning of success.

Today, I inspire others to be bold, take control of their life and offer them guidance along the way.   My influence continues to grow exponentially both inside and outside my company.   I'm proud to say that I finally found the perfect life/work balance that I had always dreamed for myself since I first entered the workforce at 17. I’ve hosted live training expos, podcasts and leadership seminars; won trips through my company, became a 6 figure income earner within my first 14 months, and I’m on track to becoming a company Millionaire. On top of all that, I'm able to run my 2 business' from my Chicago home. I call myself the CEO of our household (both as a mom and in the office). My relationship with my husband continues to grow (10 years this May!) and am proud of the time I've been able to dedicate to my 2 little boys.



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“It wasn't always pretty but I learned to accept fear and to face adversity...”

— Julie Burke


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