Replacing A Real Estate Agent Salary with Rebecca Cafiero 


Replacing a real estate agent salary or even a real estate broker paycheck might seem impossible, especially if it's over multiple six-figures.  But there's more to life than working every weekend, working more than 10 hours per day, not having desired freedom, and ultimately feeling unfulfilled.

Let's listen in on Rebecca Cafiero's story on how she started from complete skeptic (snob as she puts it) to multiple six-figure earner in Network Marketing.

What We Cover

  • How Rebecca entered into the Real Estate space looking for more than a six-figure income
  • Rebecca's skepticism on Network Marketing
  • How Rebecca turned it around from Network Marketing disbeliever to multiple six-figure income earner in a year
  • Her why and how to get in touch with yours

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Actionable Advice:

Transformation starts with greater awareness.

  1. Answer the questions:  Are you living your calling?
  2. Are you fulfilled with the impact you're creating?

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

1. Network Marketing Business Model

  • Rebecca's skepticism on Network Marketing

2. Skeptic to 6-Figure Earner

  • How Rebecca turned it around from Network Marketing disbeliever to multiple six-figure income earner in a year

About Rebecca Cafiero

I'm a lifestyle and wellness expert, writer, speaker, and business strategist.

I used to direct sales and marketing strategies for two publicly traded companies, and managed over $1 billion in sales. Although I was successful and living the dream, I didn’t feel like I was living my passion. I realized that in order to grow I needed to change.

Inspired to take the leap, I chose to marry my executive background with my love for nutrition, personal development, and leading a balanced lifestyle.

Merging Passions

Merging my corporate business experience with my passion for assisting others to pursue holistic wellness, I founded Elevate Your Life Project in 2014. This online community allows women to explore the possibilities of a life lived without limits. Physical. Mental. And financial. The EYL community is made up of over 7,300 women and continues to grow.

Six Figure Earners Club

Over the years, I’ve helped numerous women attain a six-figure or more yearly income through my wellness and healthy lifestyle-focused network marketing business. I’ve also had the pleasure of assisting hundreds more to start their own business—many from the comfort of their own home.

Speaking at wellness events and entrepreneurial workshops are just two ways I enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge.


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“I realized that in order to grow I needed to change.”

— Rebecca Cafiero


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