LinkedIn Social Media Strategies with 
Melanie Milletics


LinkedIn social media differs from most.  It's not like Instagram, not like Facebook, definitely not like Snapchat.  If you're wanting to find and pursue a higher quality lead then LinkedIn is abundant with not only the people that you are looking for but the ones that are looking for you as well.

What We Cover

  • How to avoid becoming a miserable millionaire
  • How to set healthy boundaries early on with your team
  • What groups to join to attract business builders 
  • What strategies to use via LinkedIn Social Media

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Actionable Advice:

  1. Get a Google number for your business and forward calls to your cell phone
  2. Set up a LinkedIn Profile and begin making quality connections with professional minded people

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

1. Millionaire Happiness

  • How to avoid becoming a miserable millionaire

2. Boundaries As A Leader

  • How to set healthy boundaries early on with your team

3. LinkedIn

  • How leverage LinkedIn professional network for leads.

About Melanie Milletics

So how does a hippie Momma turn a passion into a Multiple Six Figure Enterprise?  By utilizing the Internet, of course!

Committed to a better life for my family, I began to study internet marketing in 2001 and used online strategies to generate leads for my Network Marketing Business. I began to build what I call my ‘Golden List’ – lists of opportunity seekers. I mastered online relationship marketing using email, blogging, video, social media marketing, and of course the phone!

By 2009 I had become the #1 woman affiliate in the MLM niche.

 I even released my own information product “MLM List Building Exposed” and became a consultant to the industry for those who sought to have a successful online Network Marketing Business.

At the end of 2010 I reached the pinnacle position of a company. By the end of 2014 Allen and I  had earned more than $680,000 with that company. Our best year brought in more than $275,000 – which interestingly put us in the top .03% income earners in the world. Not bad for a hippie turned entrepreneur!


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“So how does a hippie Momma turn a passion into a Multiple Six Figure Enterprise?  By utilizing the Internet, of course!”

— Melanie Milletics


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