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07: The Modern Way to Building Your Network Marketing Business with John Melton

John Melton and his wife Nadia have built a powerful, exploding network marketing team. Hotel meetings and 1:1 presentations still work but there's an easier way than having your time committed every weekend to meeting after meeting. Social media has reinvented an easier, more immediate solution to allowing network marketers build their empire from the comforts of their own home. We all joined a business opportunity to experience more freedom. Time freedom, financial freedom and freedom from working the 9-5.

Learn how John and his beautiful wife build their team exponentially faster by using modern methods

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04: Jessica Higdon on Social Media Marketing for the Network Marketer

1. You were able to become a top earner within your company using social media, what platform would you recommend is best for NWM Professionals?

2. Let’s dive into your actionable tips for Facebook. So much has changed, especially now that FB live exists. People can actually do attraction marketing so much easier and draw in their ideal client. What are 3 Steps we can take and implement today on FB?

3. You and your husband decided to build a brand alongside your efforts in your NWM company, how long would it take someone to start seeing success with blogging and branding themselves if they started today?

4. Your most recent training was on LinkedIn and it’s a very powerful source of leads because the people on LinkedIn tend to be more professional as they are there for business. Aside from having your profile in alignment with whom you want to attract what are 3 Steps we can take to develop our business using LinkedIn as the vehicle?

5. If you were to start in a network marketing company all over again (we realize you aren’t) but what would you do to have immediate success?

If you aren’t taking your network marketing business to social media, you aren’t seeing your business full potential.  Listen in to actionable strategies from the master of social media, Jessica Higdon.

02: Attraction Marketing Using Facebook with Julie Burke

If there's anyone that can teach attraction marketing, it's Julie Burke. After quickly becoming a 6-figure earner in her current network marketing company, Julie believed that attraction marketing would actually buy her the freedom that most entrepreneurs only dream of. The truth is, most of us can build relationships, after all we are in a relationship business but most of us don't care to be out prospecting 24/7. But what if there was a way that we could get leads 24/7 on autopilot?

Attraction Marketing

After only 14-months in Julie's network marketing company she was able to hit 6-figures. Now Julie has been able to grow her downline to over 8,000 over the past few years and is at multiple, multiple 6-figures for income. She teaches others how to grow, scale, and leverage social media to grow their own business.

Julie is here to show us how to leverage Facebook and attract our ideal client!

A Snipet from Julie's Story:

Now I know the true meaning of success.

"Today, I inspire others to be bold, take control of their life and offer them guidance along the way. My influence continues to grow exponentially both inside and outside my company.

I'm proud to say that I finally found the perfect life/work balance that I had always dreamed for myself since I first entered the workforce at 17.

I’ve hosted live training expos, podcasts and leadership seminars; won trips through my company, became a 6 figure income earner within my first 14 months, and I’m on track to becoming a company Millionaire. On top of all that, I'm able to run my 2 business' from my Chicago home.

I call myself the CEO of our household (both as a mom and in the office). My relationship with my husband continues to grow (10 years this May!) and am proud of the time I've been able to dedicate to my 2 little boys."

How to find Julie: Createsuccesswithjulie.com

Julie on Facebook: Julie Burke

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