Hey gorgeous,

I’m Lisa. I’m a nutritionist who loves to help others become toned & lean, lose the weight, and increase performance through advanced nutrition strategies.  My views are a little different and you’ll be able to tell from the get-go on whether we’d be a good fit or not.

So here’s some of my perspectives:

· You’ll never hear me say I’ll help you get skinny. I like curves, they are part of what makes a woman beautiful. I just help things not jiggle…you know, tone up.

· I’ll never encourage or support you going on a crash diet. My help only comes by teaching a lifestyle of healthy nutrition, workouts, and life balance (which includes having an occasional glass of wine with chocolate).

· I’d never recommend anything to you that I don’t use in my own body.


I used to struggle with emotional eating. And yes, it accelerated AFTER I was in the fitness industry.

I know….conflict of interest.

When I had started competing in fitness I realized quickly that everything was off limits for 12-weeks of the rigid meals prepping for the show. Once the show was done and the victory was there, everything (food) became allowed. Emotionally I didn’t really know where to place that.

I turned into a yo-yo.

And struggled with it for a few years.

I’ve since healed from that depravation mindset. I no longer serve a scale and encourage others to live life without measuring. Check this video out on my opinion of ditching the scale to hear more.


My passion has become helping others build a brand, a blog, a side-hustle, or even creating a primary source of income. I’ve been through years of a learning curve and if I could shorten that time for someone because of the hard lessons learned, then I’m all about it.

​I’m probably a lot like you…

​I learned that safety was having an employer. That I should go out, get a degree, have a responsible career. While those things served me amazingly well and am so blessed to have had those lessons handed down, I’ve seen first hand successful entrepreneurs creating real wealth online. I mean residual income that you didn’t have to go punch a time clock to receive. Once I learned about it…I was OBSESSED on how to create passive and residual income for myself.

My lessons weren’t smooth. But the one thing I don’t do is give up.​

Now that I’ve created a successful platform to serve others, I can’t wait to shorten the time for upcoming entrepreneurs wanting to have the same things.​

Time freedom, more time with family, fun, and life-balance.​


Her unwavering commitment to inspiring, motivating, and compassionately understanding the trials and tribulations that accompany metabolism and fat loss sets her apart from others in the fitness industry. Lisa is passionate about helping others achieve results. “I love nothing better than to see someone progress and accomplish their fitness goals!”

Lisa loved growing up in a beautiful, picturesque, small town in Maine. After graduating from Radiology school, she accepted a job in California. Lisa has remained on the West Coast primarily because of the fitness and career opportunities that California has to offer, although the warmer winters certainly don’t hurt, either.

Lisa Jill’s path to fitness arose organically in her early 20’s when she became fed up with being, “skinny-fat,” a term commonly used to describe being an average weight but not toned. Like most young professionals, she’d accepted an office job and found herself working out intermittently, if at all. After trying a 12 week transformational program that she had come across in a fitness book, she was able to go from 22% body fat to 12% body fat in 12 weeks, without the help of a trainer!When everyone at her office began asking her for advice on weight loss and how to gain lean muscle,Lisa instantly realized that she could help inspire others to make the same transformational changes in their own lives. She gladly accepted her new role and began to channel her energy toward coaching clients online, from her work, and in the gym. Now, Lisa is using her nutrition and fitness expertise to author fitness, exercise, and weight loss books. Her books strive to help the general public, as well as athletes, become inspired and educated about achieving their fitness goals.

She also works in the field of Radiology, where she often sees people at their very worst. This motivates her to help others get healthy and stay fit.Lisa believes that encouragement and goal setting are two of the most influential components for becoming fit. She’s passionate about helping others exceed their fitness expectations and build new muscles, uncover a set of abs they never thought they’d see, or fit into a smaller jean size!

Lisa believes that people have choices every minute of the day. She lives her life with the mentality that by changing your thoughts, you can improve your outlook and have a happier, healthier life. She gains inspiration by surrounding herself with like-minded individuals who are focused on health, fitness, and staying in shape.

Favorite Quote?

I have so many. Two of my all-time favorites are:

I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

Michael Jordan

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

Mahatma Gandhi